First blog post

First non post of my new blog featuring work in progress – along with excerpts from my already published books; designed to encourage book buyers to get to know and enjoy my work more, and not to do so for those who never buy a book because they can see samples for free (which I hope matches their pay at work).

In other words, I would like supportive readers who understand they get what they pay for, not those who equate a twitch of the finger into a ‘click‘ through some latent Mother Teresa pathology.

I encourage readers but those who merely click to surface on the blog and/or follow to be followe; and/or state they’re going to get one of my books at their first opportunity which, in every other instance, has proven untrue, are very unwelcome.

Although I know that the greater the number of ‘followers’ the greater reach of the blog, I have never equated popularity with good, or original work. And more especially so these days; and more than likely that the quality of the work deteriorates with the profusion of blogs per day littering the landscape with the confetti of  purported poems: cheapening our emotions, degrading our vision, and leading to a widespread disgust with the modern values of this so-called poetry.

Not to mention likely leading faster and further into an abysmal morass of sludgy philosophy, equally self-indulgent opinions, and a likewise an uninformed descent turning the actual and real beauty of literature into the more common representation today of Shiterature.

The work will be what you don’t see in other blogs, or books; appealing to those who want to read what isn’t said by others: in a clear, concise, non-solicitous and original manner and voice.

I want this to be a shared project between us; me writing, and you reading, then buying my books: both transformed by real action.

That alone is my goodwill in posting the poems, and other work.

© Dean Baker