from a forthcoming book.. ‘In A 1984 State Of Mind’

the Elora Gorge

Socially, we really are not so much
as in quarantine; segregated by sterile
observances which repeat, becoming
less true
by numbered agreements: enduring
idiocies because we refuse the risks
otherwise, minds stuffed shut by
the lack of quiet

Searching for the bread to keep still,
the circus to entertain, passing as
information at will; no one refusing
to be guided or led by invisible chains,
the madness of requiring
the exact thing
which prevents an ability to stop
look, and listen or

Eventually be absorbed and blinded,
since as violent sheep
we’re first stunned, then settle into
the bloody-mindedness of revenge:
ourselves the weapons borne
slicing rivers loose inside as well,
while outside the world reminisces
about 1984 and Zamyatin’s We to no end


© Dean Baker

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