..from THE POETRY HOTEL.. ‘Amygdalin Notes’

Now that I’ve seen poetry proposed by
porpoises, or dolphins; the stuttering hieroglyphics
where it’s easy metaphor, clever for the moment,
almost an instruction where the equal sign floats
emptily, amid scratched engraven disingenuous notes
I see greatness has left a greater space

I don’t have the benefit of academia – years of
climbing throats, spitting out brilliance
for the absolution of leisure time with old goats,
young nymphs and assorted morons
demanding obedience and clarity – that broken
bottle-neck of charity that drove singular poets

To jump ship, dive into eternity off a bridge –
there’s no tight-wire flip, no challenge in insight
obtained within these lawyer’s briefs: no passion
on the edge of amygdalin threads, leading
in song on a horizon unguessed til it lived:
just the bleating of charm echoing a singular note


©Dean Baker

  • excerpt from THE POETRY HOTEL, 104 pages, $17.99
  • my books http://www.amazon.com/Dean-J.-Baker/e/B00IC6PGQM
  • own the book -> AND…poetryhow2_In the face of an ever diminishing interest in one of the oldest arts, poetry, this book serves as an introduction why that interest should be revived in schools and individuals: illustrating the loss that accrues by not doing so, and the benefits to society through a passionate involvement in the poetic arts. Poetry has been an essential art in history and is in danger of being trivialized into extinction. Several seminal events in recent literary history are detailed in illustrating how poetry is not merely an adjunct to history and culture but can elucidate, influence and in changing perspective alter those same events and deeds. Find out more in this treatise more sociologically descriptive than academically oriented.

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author of more than 20 books of poetry, prose, and satire http://www.amazon.com/Dean-J.-Baker/e/B00IC6PGQM

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