from a forthcoming book… ‘Portrait Of A Society’


When they want to fight and die
if necessary to make a point
we talk and debate and protest

Already enemies, the need is not
for greater understanding
or greater elimination of threats

The threat is we sit paralyzed
while they act
government inadequacy subsidizes

Terror acts overt and quiet, so
at the next act of outrageousness
don’t plead or pray for change

Don’t bandage the wounds arising
from scars laid like map-work inside:
decide your journey ahead of time

You who react and fret, make
statements that do not protect but
delay any alteration except to save

Your position need to surrender
to the fact of your uselessness while
around you slaughter carries onward

In this broken crusade against intelligence,
rational thought combined with
emotion not caught up in prolonged idiocy

Break up with your selves, become those
whom not even evil would challenge
not these bleating ghosts already sacrificed

They do not act alone, without your
implied, or provincial consent:
live dangerously for those you say you love

©Dean Baker



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