for Logan

Our conversations in still moments, despite
what some might say is gone, your body being
here, continue. Your delight unceasing guides
toward an ever-present gift: how this shines
against the shadows only such light will lift.

That you always knew and carried the cost
never in doubt: what could be saved narrowly lost,
you preserve of the best and bright,
regardless of the overwhelming torrent of thoughts.

Others as sensitive towards you as they persist
towards themselves a practical impossibility.
Held now forever by those who care, you endure.

Your soul stands out, the great heart of being
neither wrong nor unfair, declares:
what always counts is that you love, however unprepared.

©Dean J. Baker October 18, 2005 – January 25, 2020


Everyone wishes you would confess
to the crimes they know you’re guilty of
what they have said and done
when they believe no one was looking in

The torturers the tormentors keep wheels
in motion as their hope for discovery
for the potential good and evil to be
discovered somewhere else finally

Some place other than their neighborhood
some place different than what they call good
in some infinity where they make claims
only those resembling themselves once understood

Like in the long ago days when blood was
the currency of kings and slaves
when nothing was known but acknowledged
alone as you stood before the executioner’s blade

©Dean J. Baker

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Other Planets










After almost a thousand moons, maybe
the 25th thousand day comes close to being,
I watch my cat at pray for clues to relax.

The ritual solicitation of food and comfort,
each scent assuring familiarity, if not
with the countdown to coming respite, then

The objects known to be supportive, which
strengthen resistance amid a resignation
of slow seeping rest necessary for renewal

Where my body suggests reference for viability,
each current of air, each twitch of muscle
as I sink into invisibility within the worlds

I inhabit central to those that orbit, renew
the magnetic fields gradually until I find
myself standing once again, or investigating

other planets

©Dean J. Baker

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