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(c)Dean J. Baker

The Future Creeps In

What you call history is a dream gone
wrong, a Utopian plot paralyzed by no means
of thought stilled in your indulgences

where everyone speaks in subtitles, the
gap between start and stop a loss
as if choice remains a distant possibility

you make, a blueprint for the divine
rather than schematics entire
of transparencies or whimsical rage

which no map contrived can rearrange
into assurances of each detail
somehow managed on the stage

some stranger hijacked to establish
your surprise and failure to understand
anything you could neither alter nor change

as you became familiar once again
with the laws unwritten but engraved that
murder is the religion of a land where

those who worship history
to occupy and trade breath abandon
everything they refuse to bargain with

©Dean J. Baker

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pictured above: All These Being Hinterlands, 84 pages, $11.99, ebook $5.99


Everyone wishes you would confess
to the crimes they know you’re guilty of
what they have said and done
when they believe no one was looking in

The torturers the tormentors keep wheels
in motion as their hope for discovery
for the potential good and evil to be
discovered somewhere else finally

Some place other than their neighborhood
some place different than what they call good
in some infinity where they make claims
only those resembling themselves once understood

Like in the long ago days when blood was
the currency of kings and slaves
when nothing was known but acknowledged
alone as you stood before the executioner’s blade

©Dean J. Baker

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pictured above: All These Being Hinterlands, 84 pages, $11.99, ebook $5.99

The Cloak Of Nations

Still unraveling, a bellicose
and belligerent people, indifferent
to their truest nature
speak of greatness,
a return to what has never existed,

condemned to a slow deliquescence,
proclaim each resultant color change evidence
of inner light and beauty plain to greet

Observe in chrysalid alteration what’s
become of proof and guilt but clichés,
stasis and deranged simplicity

Imposed rules to provide amnesty against
inherited deceit
equal to loyalty as each
threatens abandonment of all simultaneously
in a frenzy of revelation and ice cream

©Dean J. Baker

121 pages, $13.99, ebook $7.99 – the latest book:

Petty Gods Of Apparent Decline

“Treat yourself to the book that pays and repays constantly” – C. Harold

Poetry that is classic and timeless.’

Vital, intense and uncompromising – singular in clarity, artistry, and authenticity.

Work which illuminates as it informs – a reviving sense of discovery and perspective.’