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Prices in £  – The Lost Canadian, Vol.1   £9.21  – The Lost Canadian, Vol.2   £9.21 And Paroles   £8.44  – Celestial Migrations In The Empire   £8.44  – All These Being Hinterlands –   £8.44  – The Lost Neighbourhood –   £8.44  – Measuring Gravity By Grace –   £8.44  – Our Geographies –   £8.44  – The Transits Of Revelation –   £9.21  – Baker’s Bad Boys –   £6.91  – Tormenting The Monkey –   £8.44 & How It Gets That Way –   £6.91  – Fat Albert’s Outpatient Folk Clinic –   £8.44 Harold’s Adventures In The Real World –   £6.91  – The Mythologies Of Love –   £8.44  – Dark Earth –   £8.44  – The Eschatological Dog –   £8.44  – The Moon Worn Tides –   £8.44  – Soliloquies Of The Horizon –   £8.44 Riparian Fields –   £8.44  – Silence Louder Than A Train –   £8.44 Gods Of Apparent Decline –   £9.21

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(c)Dean J. Baker


If anyone professing love of art, for poetry
we might yet be saved from ourselves
but majority rules and there are no substitutes
for lack of perception, the dignity to rule
from common truths not held hostage,
what your greed decides is required for you
the cronies you parcel out power to, so

The fact is we’re doomed, as versifiers
pollute the reality of what is art and literature,
the ego divides a borderline where
what is fine and does not fit does not exist,
threatening their holy triumphs of
what is described, dull and uninspiring: the
detritus of the true divine turned into shiterature

©Dean J. Baker

..from SILENCE LOUDER THAN A TRAIN ..’Evolution’

The gorilla is swinging
from the rooftops
of a civilization he haunts.
In the back yard of this circus,
the pile of corpses
grows steadily higher.
He handles them quite gently;
as if they were puppets:
no sign of excessive violence.

There aren’t any distinguishing
marks on these tools
foolish enough to get caught.
The ape will oblige whomever
it is wants to be in on the act.
Since he grew weary of his hospital
cage, he falls on their beds
from a great height: always
bearing bouquets.

Poems, evil smelling ways for
achieving wealth; a proverbial
monkey on his back
because it has happened again.
This time nobody gains consent.
He didn’t intend to be provocative,
his hemorrhoids were inspiration.


©Dean J. Baker